CommuniKate Design

Introduction to CommuniKate Design Limited’s visual communications

I can make your messages more engaging, inclusive and accessible through my bespoke animations, infographics, graphic designgraphic recording and copywriting.

A black magnifying glass focused on a gold key

I believe in simplicity and focusing on what matters, without compromising on content.

a speech bubble containing a globe in the shape of a heart

I can make your messages more inclusive so that everyone can access and understand them.

colourful icons of people including a wheelchair user, an older person, a pregnant person, a Jewish person, a child with afro hair.

I am passionate and conscious about equity, representation, and inclusion for all groups and individuals.

a pink and red rubber erasing a black and white barrier

My visual communications can increase accessibility for neurodiverse people and those who speak or read other languages.

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I have worked with:

NHS Sussex
The Black Curriculum
East Sussex County Council
The Pirbright Institute
Sussex NHS Commissioners Working Together
The Trust for Developing Communities
Sussex MSK Partnership Central
Brighton and Hove Federation
A Life In A Day
Ceroc Evolution
Community Works
Venkat Trust
Hangleton Community Centre
Practice Unbound
Money Advice Plus
The Hangleton and Knoll Project
The Good Sleep Clinic

I believe in simplicity, and focusing on what really matters: sharing messages without jargon. I make complex information accessible, without compromising on content. I turn complicated data into infographics and animations: removing language barriers, so the world can hear your story. My real-time graphic recording visually captures meeting and event outcomes: keeping your audience engaged. My 1:1 CV clinics can help you create a new, stand-out CV.